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Welcome to The Flagg Group Inc., here we preserve nature’s beauty to be enjoyed for a lifetime. We are full service taxidermist that specializes in preserving animals of all sizes in their natural state. If you are looking to preserve the hunt of a lifetime, The Flagg Group Inc. is here to make it last forever. Our taxidermist services provide full mounts for deer, exotic animals, fish and birds. We are located in Dallas Texas.

Since 1969, The Flagg Group is a group taxidermists that believe in displaying animals in their natural state and preserving their original beauty at the same time. We understand that fellow hunters have an appreciation for nature and we enjoy preserving your success with our Dallas taxidermy services. Everything from full mounted deer to exotic animals such as hard to catch fish and birds, The Flagg Group Inc. can help you display any size game to be enjoyed in any room of your house.

No longer is your latest hunting or fishing trip solely relied on memories and photos. We have the experience and knowledge to preserve a wide variety of small to large game animals in their natural state and also some of their native surroundings. Along with preserving memories to be enjoyed we also can prepare your hunt exactly how you want it. We also have skull bleaching services as well.

Thank you for visiting our website. Here you will find all the great animals we preserve and the process that make us Dallas’s one stop shop for post hunting. We believe that exotic animals that are hunted should be preserved as showcases in home/businesses and enjoyed by everyone. If you are coming off of a recent hunting excursion and looking to remember a special trophy, The Flagg Group Inc has the staff and experience to make your memory last a lifetime. Call us today.

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Dmain SNovember 24, 2020
Best taxidermy in Dallas!SGR MAMANovember 16, 2020
Fun place to go.N MontesMarch 9, 2020
Great job on my bobcatAuto WerksFebruary 6, 2020
Great selection and qualityJerry SlagleDecember 6, 2019
Daniel BitlerJuly 4, 2019
Got my deer head mounted here and it turned out fantastic! Not to mention the cusomer service was great, They were very knowledgeable and informativelindsey hadaSeptember 28, 2018
They did a amazing job on my mount! There service was great. Prices are good and I would definitely come back to business, kind and honest people to work with!! Espically edward, was nice and easy to talk to.Mynameisben10September 13, 2018
Quality taxidermyBRUTUS299April 12, 2018
Great folks! Mary showed us around the shop and spent time making sure to understand exactly what we’re needing.Amanda WFebruary 3, 2018
Jenny CarlsonJanuary 8, 2018
I would recommend the Flagg Group to anyone looking to have a mount made. I had a duck mounted this year, and it turned out great! When I dropped the bird off, I had mentioned that I was moving out of state near the time they would be done with the mount. Not only did they get it done on time, they expedited the work. Cost may be a bit more than other taxidermists, but you certainly get your money's worth.Benjamin MillerApril 14, 2016
I have taken multiple animals to Flagg over the last 20 years. They all look excellent and still look new and pristine. Excellent work. Would trust them with anything.Jason MooreJanuary 11, 2016

additional services


Quality tanning is hard to come by. The Flagg Group prefers to send your hides to fur dressers rather than tanning in-house. This instills the best outcomes for your mounts and hides, because they are treated with the same care as those expensive fur coats.

Crating and Shipping

When crating your mounts we customize the crate for your specific needs. We can prepare your trophies for transport, and storage.

When shipping we offer options through UPS and motor freight. Please contact us for more information.

Clearing Agent

Contact us before your next Big Game Hunt or Safari. We have all the necessary permits and can clear trophies through all the Government Agencies (U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Agriculture, etc.) eliminating the need for a customs broker. We also offer to our customers free laminated shipping tags to attach to your hides and skulls for shipment.