Why The Flagg Group?

The Flagg Group, Inc. is a group of taxidermists, each specializing in a particular species. We were founded in 1969 and named after co-founder, William “Bill” Flagg. Bill was a self-taught taxidermist practicing on antelope from hunts that he and his father guided. Our logo is a replica of the Flagg’s cattle brand from the time when the family was ranching in Wyoming in the early 1900s.

Before Bill’s death in 1992, he turned over his interest in The Flagg Group to long-time friend and business associate, Edward Juarez.

Edward and his wife, Mari, kept the Flagg Group, Inc name and the patented logo as a symbol of the skill and expertise that is instilled in the taxidermists and their work product.

Members of:

* National Taxidermy Association
* Texas Taxidermy Association
* Safari Club International
* Dallas Woods & Waters Conservation Club
* Dallas Safari Club
* Better Business Bureau
* U.S. Chamber of Commerce