Whether shoulder mount; rug or life-size, we are well experienced with African and all foreign game trophies.
We are fully aware of the rapidly diminishing hunting areas throughout the world, and the increasing numbers of species added to the endangered list each year.We realize that for many hunters, the trophies sent to us for mounting may be the last or only one of a species they will be fortunate enough to hunt. With this in mind, we assure that your mounts will receive the skilled craftsmanship they deserve in order to last for years to come. Our reputation is built on this assurance.

Lifesize and Shoulder Mounts

The Flagg Group wants to help you remember your great hunting experiences. We desire to captivate the authenticity of these creatures, because of their rarity.  ...

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Bleached Skulls

The Flagg Group treats and bleaches your skulls to perfection. As a USDA approved establishment we provide quality care for your exotic taxidermy. Species Clean & ...

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