Bird Pricing

The Flagg Group takes pride in our expertise. Our bird taxidermist focus on all the small details that make no two birds alike. We make sure that all our birds look as if they have come back to life, and represent the beauty of these magnificent species.

Group Birds Standing Wings Closed(on Driftwood for Wall or Table)
1 Bufflehead, Ruddy Duck, Teal $310.00
2 Gadwall, Hood, Merganser, Redhead,
Ring-Necked Duck, Les. Scaup,
Shoveler, Widgeon, Wood Duck
3a Canvasback, Mallard, Pintail $365.00
3b Alaskan Ducks: Eiders, Old Squaw,
Goldeneye, Harlequin, etc.
4a Quail $260.00
4b Dove, Pigeon, Partridge $385.00
5 Snipe, Woodcock $385.00
6 Pheasant, Chukar, Prairie Chicken,
Grouse (Ruffed, Sharptail, Spruce, Blue, Sage)
7a Geese, Brant $440.00
7b Great Canada Geese $610.00
8 Turkey, Sandhill Crane $705.0

Bird Notes
A $45.00 cleaning/repairing charge will be added to these prices if a bird is excessively dirty or damaged

Federal law requires all migratory birds must have a tag attached to the foot of each bird with the owner’s name, address, species, date killed (M/D/Y) and signature.

Hawks, owls and songbirds are Protected Species and cannot be accepted for mounting.


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