Turkey Pricing

The Flagg Group offers many different options to showcase your Turkey. We specialize in everything from life size to feet preservation. Also if interested, we have real authentic turkey heads available.

Mounting Service Price
Shoulder Mount $365.00
Shoulder Mount w/Tail Fan $385.00
Turkey Feet Pair with leather thong $70.00
Tail Fan with walnut cover $210.00
Tail Fan with feather cover $305.00
Tail Fan with cape $510.00

Turkey Notes

Artificial “Cast Head” is used on Turkey Freeze-dried head can be used, for an additional $100.00

A $45.00 cleaning/repairing charge will be added to these prices if a bird is excessively dirty or damaged

Federal law requires all migratory birds must have a tag attached to the foot of each bird with the owner’s name, address, species, date killed (M/D/Y) and signature.


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